class act theatre
A strong volunteer network is an important component of our success. It takes many people working together to create a successful production and we depend on volunteers to assist with each of our committees.

    Open or Close
    1. Work with chairperson and directors to discuss styles and needs
    2. Assist chairperson in locating and obtaining costumes through rental or second-hand shops
    3. Construct and sew costumes as needed and directed by the chairperson
    4. Prepare costume information for the cast
    5. Assist with backstage duties during rehearsals and performances as directed by chairperson
    6. Help arrange and organize backstage dressing areas and supervise cast
    7. Help ensure cast members have returned all costume pieces to the appropriate areas after run of show

    Open or Close
    1. Assess prop needs with director and chairperson
    2. Locate all props needed in the production
    3. Organize and set up prop table backstage
    4. Work with set designer to include items with the set
    5. Assign person(s) to manage props during run of show
    6. Assist with packing and storing all props after run of show
    7. Return all borrowed items after run of show

    Open or Close
    1. Help plan and execute a publicity campaign for the production as directed by the chairperson
    2. Assist with distribution of posters, postcards or other materials in the community
    3. Assist with arranging publicity photos of the cast for social media
    4. Assist with creating a large photo board of the cast to be displayed in the lobby during the run of show
    5. Assist with a social media campaign

    Open or Close
    1. Plan items to sell at concession stand as directed by the chairperson
    2. Help purchase food items & drinks (save all receipts for chairperson)
    3. Set up concession stand prior to each performance
    4. Sell items before each performance and during intermission
    5. Help clean up concession areas after each performance and store remaining items

    Open or Close
    1. Plan and promote ways to sell advertising for the show program as directed by chairperson
    2. Organize individuals to sell business and personal ads for the show program
    3. Set up a contest to encourage actors to sell ads for the show program

    Open or Close
    1. Help actors with makeup, hair, and costumes in dressing rooms as directed by chairperson
    2. Ensure the noise level remains low in the dressing rooms
    3. Ensure all dressing room areas are kept neat and clean

    Open or Close
    1. Assist set designer with all areas of set construction
    2. Assist with move-in and construction of set pieces on stage
    3. Help with strike of set and clean-up immediately after final show