Each show has specific audition information, dates, age requirements, etc.
listed on the "Audition Page" for that production.
General information about auditions is listed below.


1. COME PREPARED. It is very obvious when you haven't prepared for an audition. If you won't prepare for an audition, will you practice your music and dialogue at home during rehearsals?

2. PROJECT. Open your mouth and sing so the directors can hear your beautiful voice. Do not sing so loudly that you "belt" (scream sing).

3. CHOREOGRAPHY. Don't add choreography at vocal auditions. At this point we are mostly interested in hearing your vocal abilities.

4. STYLE OF MUSIC. Broadway music is always preferred for musical auditions. Disney songs are also great for younger children auditioning. Stay away from pop music for auditions.

5. BRING SHEET MUSIC. It is your responsibility to bring your sheet music in the correct key to the auditions. It is also helpful if you put your music in a binder for the accompanist. Class Act will always provide an accompanist for auditions.

6. WHAT CAN HURT YOUR AUDITION. Singing with a karaoke track or to a recording with your favorite pop artist. A definite NO is singing a cappella (without piano). We require that you sing with piano only. Class Act will provide an accompanist at vocal auditions.

7. POTENTIAL. At the audition, enter with confidence and smile. (We know you're nervous because we've auditioned too.) Give your sheet music to the pianist, introduce yourself tell us how old you are and the title of your song. Do your best as you sing . . . and remember we are looking for potential, not perfection.

8. CALLBACKS. After the initial vocal audition, a smaller group of people may be asked to return to audition their acting and/or singing skills. It also gives the directors a chance to see possible character combinations. Just because you are not called back does not mean you are not being considered for a part. Until the cast list is posted, everyone who auditioned is being considered for a role.

9. NOTIFICATION. It usually takes 2-3 days for the directors to notify everyone who auditioned. The cast list will be posted on the web site and cast members will receive an email.

10. SONGS TO STAY AWAY FROM. Although these are wonderful musical selections from some outstanding productions, they do not necessarily make the best audition songs, especially for inexperienced performers. The audition committee would prefer that you do not sing songs from HAMILTON, WICKED, THE GREATEST SHOWMAN, or LA, LA, LAND.