• Character roles for FINDING NEMO, JR. will be for ages 8 -18.
  • Auditions will be held Monday, December 11, and Tuesday, December 12, 6:00-8:00 PM.
  • Please sign up for an audition time by using the link above.
  • The audition will consist of two parts: singing and dance.
  • Prepare a short (1 min. or less) song. Bring sheet music in the correct key for the accompanist.
  • Class Act will provide an accompanist for the auditions.
  • Please plan to stay for a dance audition after you sing your prepared song.
  • Rehearsals for FINDING NEMO, JR. will begin MONDAY, JANUARY 8, 2024, 6:30 PM

Nemo - a curious young clownfish
Marlin - an anxious clownfish and Nemo's overprotective father
Dory - an optimistic and bubbly blue tang with short-term memory loss
Coral - a loving mother-to-be clownfish

Sea Chorus:
Moonfish 1-6
Sea Turtles
Lobster 1 & 2
Octopuses 1 & 2
Electric Eels 1 & 2
Seahorses 1 & 2

Reef Kids - Nemo's classmates:
Pearl - friendly flapjack octopus
Sheldon - H2O intolerant seahorse
Tad - obnoxious butterflyfish

Reef Parents:
Sheldon's Parent
Pearl's Parent
Tad's Parent

Professor Ray - a stingray and Nemo's enthusiastic teacher
Scuba Mask Dancer
Bruce - intimidating great white shark
Chum and Anchor - two of Bruce's shark friends

Tank Gang (that helps Nemo escape the aquarium:

Nigel - sharp-eyed pelican - friend of the "Tank Gang"
Seagulls - pesky group of birds

Sea Turtles and Sea Turtle Kids - featured in "Go With the Flow" Roles include:
Crush - a 150-year-old sea turtle
Squirt - offspring of Crush
Kai & Breeze - have solos in "Go With the Flow"